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You are the loving father of a little boy. Your kid loves sweets and wants some ice cream. Of course you can not refuse the child, so your goal is to find the ice truck and get the portions the boy dreams about.

There is nothing simpler that that, right?

How to play?

  1. Check what kinds of ice cream your boy wants
  2. Go to the ice truck and (nicely) ask the lady for turning on the machine
  3. Catch portions that you need
  4. If you did not get it the first time, run the machine again
  5. Go back to your son and make him happy!

ATTENTION! There is a high risk that the boy would like to be even MORE happy after he eats his sweets


You need a keyboard and a mouse.

Left arrow or AMove left
Right arrow or DMove right
MouseCone balance and character direction


Music by Scott Holmes

Sound effects from SoundBible

Sounds from SoundBible are licensed with Attribution 3.0.

Sound effects from FreeSound:

Sounds from FreeSound are licensed with CC0.


Linux 35 MB
Mac 34 MB
Windows 30 MB

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